Book for Sale in Bookstores and Farm Stands

farm stand

The book “The Other Farm” is for sale here, in our own webstore, but also in bookstores in the Netherlands and the US, and at Amazon. A special place in the US where you can buy it as well, is in the farm stand at Lilac Ridge Farm, the American farm that is one of the two farms featured in the book.

One of the first photos that I took at Lilac Ridge Farm, when I started to work on the book project in 2004, was of the raising of the farm stand by the Thurber family on their family farm. Now you can find this photo at page 26 of the book. And it felt pretty special putting the book up for sale in the farm stand, next to Lilac Ridge’s own sweet Maple Syrup and the tasty coffee from Mocca Joe’s coffee shop in Brattleboro, that they sell here as well.

In 2004, I was still working on black and white film and with a medium format camera, a Mamiya 7. Because it took me eleven years to finish this photography project, the book also reflects the technical developments of photography during that time span. Over those years I’ve been working with six different camera’s: Mamiya 7, Leica M6 and several digital Nikons.

The Thurbers sell produce and other products from their farm in the farm stand. You can find it conveniently in front of their farm, on the side of Ames Hill Road in Brattleboro. It is open from May until the end of October.

Buying the book there gives you the chance to also visit the farm itself and enjoy it’s beautiful surroundings, especially now that the leaves are turning, and maybe pick up some good organic food as well.