Old Dutch Masters


The “Stadsmuseum,” of the City Museum of Woerden, is in an old, historic building. It dates from the 16th and 17th centuries. It is the former town hall of the small town of Woerden, situated in the mid-west of the Netherlands. In the museum, you can learn about the history of the town and its surroundings. That history dates back to Roman times, when there was a fort, a “castellum,” in Woerden, on the Rhine river, which for a long time was the outermost northern border, the “limes” of the Roman Empire.

This museum is truly a good fit for “The Other Farm,” since it tells about the history of the region where the Dutch farm is situated.

Because of an ongoing renovation, there were still some nice old paintings and antique furniture temporarily stored in the exhibition rooms when the display was being set up during the second week of July. While we were laying out the photos to check on their correct sequence, I had the rare opportunity to take photos of my work next to that of some of the old Dutch masters, which I really liked.

Here you see my work together with a nice landscape by Jan Willem van Borselen, member of a famous group called the “The Hague School,” who lived from 1825-1892. It is a great feeling to have been able to step into that long tradition of depicting life in the Netherlands with my photography.