The Other Farm is prominently featured on LENSCRATCH, an American daily online journal which explores contemporary photography. Created in 2007, founder and editor Aline Smithson set a goal of writing about a different photographer each day, presenting work in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of a photographer’s intent and vision.

In her review of the book, Lenscratch’s contributing editor, Sarah Stankey, writes: “The Other Farm highlights the beauty and the struggles of hard working, multi-generational, family farms. Ellen Kok follows two farms for eleven years. One in Brattleboro, Vermont in the United States and the other located in Kamerik in the Netherlands. Kok is not only a talented photographer but is also a skilled writer and journalist. In her book, the reader can enjoy both seeing and reading heartwarming stories of these two places.”

Check it our here: http://lenscratch.com/2016/05/the-other-farm-by-ellen-kok.

And don’t hesitate to explore Lenscratch. There is a lot of great photography to enjoy over there.